Friday, April 11, 2008

so it goes.

It has been one month since my last post. Don't worry I'm still alive, if you cared :p
And don't think that I'm going to make up for all those missed posts. Your nuts if you think i would, I do have a life. Allot has happen, more rockets went off, even one blew up, there will be a you tube video soon. I been busy with school and i still want to post some of my homework, so you still can expect that. As for coding, i had no time, but it still something i want to do and post. I have a small program that is a proof of concept that i might show off. OK that summed up the pass month.

But the main reason i post today is in memory of one of the greatest writers. He died on this date last year. Kurt Vonnegut. At first i never was a big reader, but this author has changed my out look on reading. And in his memory i have read about 5 or so of his stories in the last two weeks. Kurt Vonnegut is a prolific writer with a quite a few of works with a range of themes and messages. Just because he has alot of works, does not mean they were put together in a rush. Keep in mind that most of his works are short stories and he had lived along successful life. From a scout in World War II, that got held as a POW during the Firebombing of Dresden, Writer, teacher and artist. Kurt Vonnegut is well... Kurt. Just like i have said before to truly understand a person read his works. Even though he disagress that Billy Pilgrem is not a represtive of him self in Slaughterhouse Five, obviously his fealings and what he saw is expresed though his writtings. Another event, that i think that shaped his life, was the lost of his mother, at a young age due to suiced.

He was a great writer
so it goes.

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