Thursday, August 07, 2008

IP To MAC or is it MAC To IP?


I was reading an artical on /. ( and it makes me wonder what are they thinking. Tufts University's is totaly right that it in imposiable to cross-match IP addresses to MAC addresses to idetifi users. REason one theey gave the system uses DHCP therfeore ip are randomly and dynamicly assigned to the computer. Secoundly even if you indtifed the computer, it does not help since computers can be shared fore you can not indtifi the user. Another reason which they did not give, is MAC adresses are spoofable, thefore once again it hard to 100% confirm a IP to a computer. For example if you wanted to be a complete jerk, Scan the network for other clients, (easy) copy there mac addresses, wait for them to discountect, or force them to discount, change your MAC adresses to the one you copy, connect to network, do what needs to be done, discounted and chnage your MAC to manufacture default was.

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