Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ops: Windows XP sp3 and DayLight savings time

Doh, some one must be saying at Microsoft. If you know mw, you know I use allot of beta and alpha software that still in development stages. At any one given moment I'm testing about 10 or so application in it's primordial stage. I know and expect problems, butt his problem I have with Service Pack Three for Windows xp was unaccepted. By now you know that George Bush passed an act in an energy saving bill, moving daylight savings date. It was not to big of a deal, there were patches well planed for the changes for both OS and software. There a few hick-ups with some automatic clocks, but no big deal. This patch was a part of SP2, and you would think that in SP3 they also would included it, since it is just a roll-up of all the patches to date. But nope some one for got it. Well not really from what I read they decide to not include it and release it as an extra to SP3. Don't ask me why, but it stupid. What is even worse, that the patches that do fix it in Windows Xp don't work with SP3.

So this what you have to do.

A.) Modify some regs, good for several computers since a bat script could easily be made (

B.) Download this GUI based time zone editor for windows.(


I went with B since only one computer is bad, and I only live in one time zone.


Little screen shot of what it looks like, and the changes that has to be made.


brittonx said...

Thank you very much for this. It made the most sense.

Brian said...

Glade to help. If you have any trouble or questions, let me know. Since i only briefly showed what i did.

Devin Barry said...

This same problem has occurred in New Zealand. Daylight savings time has been extended a few weeks. Last year it ended on March 18 but this year it only ends 6th April. My SP2 computer has had no problems with this change due to KB933360. My SP3 RC2 computer however changed its time to 1 hour earlier on March 16 2008. SP3 RC2 certainly does not include all SP2 updates!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it worked great!(option 2)
Now i don't have to go back
to xp sp2.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! You're a lifesaver. My IT guy couldn't figure this out, and the other PC's in our office had no problem with the extended daylight savings rules. I figured the old rules would kick in in 3 weeks before he'd get it fixed. I've been googling different phrases, and reading on Microsoft suport, and finally found your blog. Quick, painless, and successful! Now my assistant can book my appointments and everything synchs perfectly.

Jared said...

I thought I had a virus that was blocking windows patches or something.

Ironically, I didn't bother to fix it until 10 minutes before the old daylight savings rules would have kicked in.

Anonymous said...

This is just stupid on MS' part. It's now 10/26/2009, and we just found out SP3 doesn't support the new dst, cause a user's clock kicked back a hour today. I think most people are probably assuming the same thing that the new dst is included in SP3.