Friday, March 07, 2008

Rant :: Proprietary Software as a Standard

This one really bothers me. I'm slowly transferring from proprietary software to GPL and open source software. There for I dropped Microsoft Office for Open Office. Open office has just as much power as it counterpart, and the best part it is free. I'm so use to Ctrl+S to save, that I save every thing in the Open Document standard. This became a problem when I tried to e-mail a professor a paper, and she could not open it. I new the reason, she was using Microsoft Word, that does not fully support or even recognize the odt extension. Now with Open office I do have the power to open and save doc files, but that is not the point. Why should I save it as a doc? I'm using the open stander for documents! it is what should be used for passing files around.

The problem I see, What if Microsoft Office decides to secure and lock down their file format and use some type of encryption. I bet it would only take a few day to break, but that is not the point. In a way it force people to buy software, so they can share and communicate with others.

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