Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rant :: ATM Machines

Yes I'm still alive. School and work has occupied most of my free time. I want to post more, but just cant, as of yet.

But i have a rant this week. ATM machines, or more pacifically Webster ATM. The problem is not a big problem but a very simple one to fix. Ever time i go withdraw or deposit money, i insert my ATM card. I get prompted for my language. no big deal? I'm in a rush. And after selecting English for my past 100 transfers, it would understand that i only know English and that is what i prefer. In my mind that is not to hard to program and integrate. Stop and Shop self check out, if i don't use my card i get promoted for either English or Spanish, but as soon as a i swipe my card it chooses English 

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ctskier said...

I have yet to use an atm. I just use my card...its so much easier. Also I am not a fan of self checkout. I would rather have someone do it for me. But i get your point.