Friday, February 01, 2008

Rant: Bathrooms

Consider this a small rant. It came to me yesterday between classes, after pounding down a large ice coffee. I headed of to the mens room to releiave my self. During the processes, another person walked in and headed strait to the stall. Not to go in great detail, but i think any guy know that in the average piblic bathroom there are urinals and toliets in bath room stales. Each ast ther own purpose. Any ways this guy that walked in, went straight to stall, and in my mind missed used it. Fine this guy is pee shy. But i think it quite selfish in one matter. What if some one else had came in and realy had to go and had to use the stale? Is that guy SOL?

1 comment:

ctskier said...

bathroom stalls=poop

if ur shy, then stop being a pussy and get over it.