Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rant :: Writing

I fine it odd that over the years on English class I taken, ever teacher specified how to write. Yet at the same time in my later class, high school and higher, they empathized on examining the text of the author. The goal is to better understand the authors thoughts and opinions. More importantly understand why, he/she wrote the text as she did? Understanding his/her choice of language is important to get a complete understanding of the text.

The problem I run into is how teacher seem to demand how to write. since elementary school things went in a chronological order, starting with a introduction, then few body paragraph, and ending in a conclusion. In my mind writing has changed over the time. And it is obvious. I don't even think it is a matter of debate. Time and history has changed the writers style.

So while we study each writing style and under stand the history and reasoning behind it. Teacher seem keep the students writing technique static. In a compensation class I would expect to compose a piece of witting.  Much as what composer of a symphony would do. I don't think any one dictates to him on what and how he would compose is scores of music. I understand that before you be creative you need to know the basics, what each note sounds like, and how it work with others. I also know my writing skills are quite poor still, but it is something I noticed.


ctskier said...

Now if only they would teach grammar and punctuation!

Brian said...

you,h ave a proble? with my, punctuation! or grammers?

I don"t kn0w where you get that idear; from !!!??