Thursday, May 29, 2008

The disgrace in the Math system

Summer has started! And i have a laundry list of chores, task and projects that need to be completed. Don't forget school. Yea school, in the summer fun-- fun. But seriously I like school and learning. I don't know what i would do with out it. School gives my life some structure, and that is one reason why I think grade school should be year round, but that is another story. This week i have been very upset with my math class I'm taking. First i feel that I'm good at math. Math is one subject that seems to separate students. I don't know why this subject sticks out in the school system, but starting in 5th grade i have always placed in an accelerated or advanced math classes. This is fine by me, i like the learning and the challenge of problem solving. The problem spawned in my senior year, when i could not fit in A.P. Calculus in my schedule without losing my Java and Physics class, so i did not take a math my senior year. That was a huge mistake

Now i go to a school that has an open door policy, meaning they don't look at your transcripts, and any once is accepted that can afford it. My first semester i took statistics because it was assigned to me by an adverser who i never saw. That was my second mistake, not having a clear plan of what classes i need to take. I got smart and realized what program i should work to and what classes are needed. Math is critical in the program i picked, going all the way to calculus three. But i had to start on some what the bottom with College Algebra. For the most part i learned most of same material in high school algebra two, but it was a nice review, and i did pick up some new techniques.

Since i have a lot more math ahead of me, i took a summer class to catch up. Pre-calculus is next. Once again i took honors pre-calculus my junior year in high school. Being a summer class i though this would be accelerated, and will provide some challenge but i was dead wrong. The class uses the same book i had to use for college algebra, and looking at the syllabus we go over the same materiel besides two chapters. The class is suppose to be two hours long, but we spend 30 minutes do homework, and we have been leaving a half an hour early. So that is almost half of the class missing. Last week, the teacher almost through me off the edge when the class was let out 45 minutes early even though their were more sections to cover.

This upsets me greatly because this class was not cheap and I'm not getting the challenge i was hoping for. Worst yet the teacher is slow and not so smart. The class goes page by page, the teacher reads the text book for verbatim as if we we were preschool students at story time. What also up sets me, the class ends early every day. I understand if we cover all the material that needs to be covered for the day, but no. i feel that the teacher does not even know the material that well, since she is using all the examples in the book. She is not coming up with her own problem, and solve the problem step by step like how book has it.

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skier said...

I can believe you are complaining about getting out of class early. HAHA! You are the only kid I know that thinks this.

MY legal environment of business class was supposed to be 2.5 hours long, and we never stayed more than 1 hour.

you never have time, but yet you manage to post these blogs.....