Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hand dryers != save the world

I was in restroom last week and notice bellow the button, there was plate promoting the use of electric hot air hand dryers. The main point is that it is better for the environment, then paper towels since there is no trash and it is saving trees. I totally disagree, paper is allot more environmentally friendly. My main point is that tress are renewable resources that can be farmed and grown. While the electricity that powered the hot air dryer most likely comes from a coal burning power plant. It is similar out look on using ethanol as fuel in cars. It not that it produces less toxins when burned, but growing corn and other sugar plant materials that can be easily converted to alcohol, is good for the environment, because they lower the C02 in the atmosphere as they grow. Just something to think about....


ctskier said...

Ethanol is garbage. It uses more resources to produce the dam stuff, than what comes out. Though the ethanol may be good for the environment it is hard to make very costly. If the U.S. ever switches to ethanol I would suggest being a corn farmer. You will get subsidies up the ass and you will be rich as hell. This will unfortunately happen if a democrat takes office.

as for coal powerplants....I would love a switch to nuclear. But I could care less either way...

Brian said...

Yes and No ctskier.
Ethanol is/can be more costly in the US. The main problem in the US, the main source of starch and sugars produced come from corn. Corn relay is not that great, it much better at feed cattle to produce beef. Economically it would be much better to purches ethanol or sugar from a country that is more adequate to produce it though other means like sugar beats.

As for subsidies and Democrats. Look at Bush he already signed a huge bill on corn subsidies to produce ethanole. This is the main reason why you see a higher food cost. Farmers getting to paid on growing cash crop with little demand.

ctskier said...

Yes ethanol has lead to food riots and more cost and I totally disagree with using ethanol. McCain will get rid of pork barrel spending so on that fact we will hopefully get rid of it...but with a democratic congress....not so sure.

feeding corn to cattle and the less wealthy is better than spending it on ethanol.

brazil is a country that uses the sugar cane for a source.

also raising cattle is not green, and in fact very inefficient, but i love me a steak!

also you really need to call me asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian said...

What is wrong with ethanol?
Alcohol is a clean burning fuel, that can be produced freely. To me it seems the best solution now, since transition coast are low since ethanol is already makes up 10 -15 % of gasoline.

I agree the bill is consider a "pork barrel spending", but barley since it was supported by both house and senate along with the president. If i remember right it is the presidents cabin who came up with the plane to help switch to renewable resources.

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