Saturday, May 31, 2008

Borax as a Fire-Retardant

Today i work on making paper fire proof. Reason being i need to make tubes to hold motor grains inside a the motor case. At the same time the tubes need to act as a insulator to protect the motor casing from over heating causing deformation.

The idea to used Borax, spun of Dog Barf, aka cellulose insulation. In rocket cellulose insulation is used as wadding to prevent the ejection charge from melting the parachute. Dog Barf is shredded paper and cellulose fibers coated in flame retardant material, boric acid.

From my understanding Borax is salt from boric acid, and has very much the same properties. I was surprised to find that Borax is not completely dissolvable into water. Since borax is used in laundry detergents/soaps i would think it dissolve easily. I brushed on and soaked the heavy weight paper in the water and borax slurry. I hung them to dry.

My first test showed improvement. But my second test did not show a significant improvement. More testing need to be done. One reason why my first test seemed to work, is because it might of been still wet. In my next test i will be working on away to increase the dissolvability, by either increasing the temperature of the solvent(H2O) or switch to a light acid.