Monday, June 09, 2008

MPAA Wants to Stop DVRs From Recording Some Movies

Another article from digg, but this is a good one. From my understanding the MPAA wantes to embed some meta code to prevent DVR fro recording it. The reason being, the movie industry was to change its realses dates, to allow comsumers to get movies earlyer. there thinking if we deliver movies early we need to prevent it from piretes degrading the rest of the businnes modle.

At first it sounds understandable. But more i think about, Why do they want to release movies earlyer? Also if this does pass, how can we prevent abuse of this power? Abuse as embeding more code to prevent or allow certin featurs.

another problem with the model it still not preventing pirets. Remeber the piret community huge copared to MPAA, and can find soultiions, fixes hacks or workarounds to allow themk ditrubit the illegal contant. Annolog any one?

just my two cents

The MPAA wants the FCC’s permission to prevent viewers from recording some movies. The end result would be DVRs that are unable to record some broadcasts.

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