Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kubuntu with KDE 4

For over a month i was strictly a Linux user, and was loving it. I was beta testing Ubuntu 8.04 hardy haron with the new KDE 4 graphical environment. i chose to use Kubuntu for the fallowing reasons.

  1. Ubuntu is great community.
  2. It is fast
  3. easy to use
  4. FREE!
I went with the KDE 4, because it was brand new and it look great. I'm also a Slax user and i did like the layout of kde on my laptop. I. t ran great on my laptop, even with compiz running. Surprisings since this is a four year old laptop with a p4 and 512MB of ram. It worked great for the first 3 three weeks, until i screwed up the video card drivers.

Back on the windows platform. I'm missing the geekienes of being a Linux user. So my plan is to back up some data and clear out my old Linux portions for a new install of Ubuntu. I'm going to use GNOME this time, since i like allot of the programs it comes with. Also I feel GNOME will maximize my laptop screen space with two dock bars. The bottom dock bar i plane to covert it and make it look like the Macs's dock bar in OS X.

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