Wednesday, June 04, 2008

not treated equally

I'm not talking about people, but web browsers. I was on computer watching a tv show online, using IE7. The next day i was re watching the same clip but on my main computer using FireFox. Whats the big deal, IE& showed no ads in the movie while Firefox had few. Keep in mine i had no add on or plugins in IE7 to block ads. These ads were interlaced into the flash video and flash player, which a very hard to block in there own nature. So whats up with this?

I have been running into more and more issues since i been an Opera user. I been a pritty die-hart Firefox user since beta 1.5, but have been using firefox since the first version. Firefox at the time was so attractive, a secure platform, that far superior the Microsft Internet Explorer, that allowed any one to customize it to there needs. Now Firefox is on its second beta released of Firefox 3 (code name minefild) and i was gritting tired of its massive memory resources needs. So after installing Windows xp sp3 on the laptop after the hardrive crashed, i jump to Opera 9.5 beta.

Over all Opera has a very clean interface, with built in internet tools like IRC and bittorent. My favorite is the progress bar. The progress bar let me keep track how much data i sent or received and at what speed. Also it shows how many elements are one the page downloaded and left to be downloaded. This comes useful when uploading large files, though a web site interface that does not keep track of its progress. Widgets are cool, but don't confuse them with add-ons, they lack interaction with the browser.

It's not all fun and games in the Opera world. I find my self in the the Network Site Preferences once a day to mask my user agant to indntfi me with a firefox browser. Not just because im a beta tester but because I'm a Opera user, some sites just dont like Opera browser. If any one they should be afraid of Firefox users, since that browser is far more powerful and more likely can find an exploit. Also they would not have to worry about incompatibility with the Opera browser if the site was W3C compliant.

I'm back to Firefox 3.0 Beta, and loving it. The memory issuies seemed to pluged. It is still very memory intesive beacuse it trys to cash other pages that you might visit. When I was testing kubuntu, i intelled firefox three becuse konqueror sucks. I realy got used to some of the neat and power full plugins that are out there. Some addons up me debug and websites to better understand how the request work, while other speed up page loads by blocking unnecary feilds and ads. Foxmarks also works graet syncing and backing up my bookmarks.

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