Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Rant of The Week!

Like I said, I want to keep some thing regular on this blog. So you can expect a post very similar to this one. No, not the same words, the nature and tone will be the same though. This idea came from one of my favorite podcast Maximum PC, if you like it; buy the magazine, since it’s by far the best pc mag on the self. Anyways, they have a section with a guy who goes off in a rant, on funny topics. I don't know if mine will be as funny, as much as personal therapy for my self.

So here it goes......

So in of my class, I have one of those older people returning to school kind of thing. That is not my problem, I have no problem with those who want to continue there education, good for them I say. The problem is she chews' her gum so obnoxiously; Not like your basic cow chewer but a cow chewer with 1/2 gallon of spit and saliva in her mouth. Causing very disgusting sound that has to be audible across the room, but I the fortunate one sit right next to her.

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