Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Video Transfer = BitTorrent?

I was shocked when I heard, what the female contestant on Jeopardy last night (November 26, 2007) answered to a question dealing with i.Link and Video; Bit-Torrent is what she answered with. I was shocked. Shocked that it made me think on why I would be so shocked. First I came up with the bad connotation Bit-Torrent has; The illegal downloading of copyrighted content. Second reason being her, a female in her late 30's, early 40's. What does she know about Bit-Torrent? When would some one of here status come about this word and meaning? This all puzzled me, a great deal. In the end why would she link Bit-Torrent as a means of transferring video?

Has Bit-Torrent saturated are lives enough, that it has became common knowledge? Yes and no. Yes in the sense Bit-Torrent is a practical way to sync data transfer over many users. Those like me, who game and use the Steam platform, may know or not know that it is based off a Bit-Torrent system. Another example that came up in recent debates is that IBM Open Office Lotus Symphony also has torrent built into itself. The no part; The term "Bit-Torrent " is never used in the mass media, most likely they use the term peer to peer and at most P2P. Yes the internet is part of the mass media and defiantly has knowledge of Bit-Torrent, but online it mostly used in the negative form.

So how did this contestant come up with her answer? I have to think she or better yet she knows some one who uses Bit-Torrent for boot legged video. Now that's jumping to conclusions.

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