Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tracker and stats

It has only been a few days since my first bog and I'm really loving it.

Just driving around I came up with different things, that I want to talk/blog about. So stick around and please subscribe to my feed. There is both an atom and rss2.0 options.
At this time I know I'm the only one viewing the blog, thanks to some nifty tracking data

So here is the run down for next month:
"Rant of the week" <-- a weekly post I want to do. To keep this blog at least some what regular; this will be on Thursdays, right after my last day of the week of my longest classes.....
The art of programming:
Trillian Astra: I been an alpha member for a while now, and the open beta should be out soon, so I should bog the hell out of before others :p

I had one more, just cant think of it

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