Thursday, January 31, 2008

Times are changing

I want to keep this as daily as possable, but time once agian is running short. Shool once agin has started, and i cat keep up with writting a post every day. I new this was going to happen, so i thought i would just digg up an artical as a post. But then again i thought i would be putting down the few readers i have since, they come here to read about my thoughts and opions (at least i think so).

So what can you exspect? I think it will become a mixture of personal post, revies and maybe a few rants. The same thing you have been seeing so far. What will be new, is i'm thinking about posting my school work. Since i already have to type papers and some of my notes, why not share it. With that said im, lowering my goal tp 3 post per week, and at least one rant a month. Who knows how long this will last. Let me know if you have anyh susgestions, opions or feedback on this, or any thing else. I'm open to idears. thiis

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