Friday, December 07, 2007

Blogging + Laptop = NO TIME!

If you you know me, you know that Time is truly my only enemy. It is one thing humans don't have full control over. And because I'm technologist i know that faster you move, time appears to slow down, but that is relative.

Anyways time is killing me, and you too. I remember the day, when i was able to flock around freely, with out a minds eye to time. Was able to ride the bike, play Counter-strike, and still have time for school work. Used to be a admin to both a large gaming community (Texangirlz) with several gaming servers, and to a worldwide anti-cheat program (SteamBans). This would take hours of my day to day life, and i enjoyed every minute. But today i have no time, and no longer part of either.

So with my new laptop, i was thinking i could do more, since my whole life is a round a computer. So more on a computer more i can do. But that may not be the case. I know spend time blogging, reading on about blogging, checking rss feeds and doing homework while chatting with the few friends i do have. What I'm missing is podcasts.

I'm a huge podcast listening fan, with about 45 subscription feeds, getting over 30 podcast a week. Now having the laptop i know longer use my main rig, with all my podcast. I cant subscribe to them on my laptop since, hard drive space is slim and the on board speakers suck. Also when I'm using the laptop, I'm in the living room watching TV in the background.

So I'm prod to say that I'm on my main rig working on a new program, and listening to podcast. I have a lot of catching up to do. Luckily my current program project is in JavaScript for iGoogle, and i never used JavaScript. Therefore it will take some time to learn the basics, giving me plenty of time to catch up.

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