Thursday, December 13, 2007

RANT:: Learn how to drive!

Fuck, you would think living in New England, people would know what snow is and how to drive in it. Today, school was canceled, so i decided to do a little x-mass shopping. I found my self stuck in traffic on the highways, since every one is doing 5 mph. That is not an exsasuration. I understand that it is important to drive safely in the snow, but it is the 21 century, cars can handle it. Only if the drivers new how to drive. For example my car is a front wheel drive with TCS (traction control system), with ABS. It also has a mode, that will start in 3rd gear, to keep the rpm low, to prevent tire spin. Even if the tires start getting loose, TCS will kick in and will start to throttle down my throttle, so the tires wont spin. It is almost imposable to get out of control in this car and it is 8 year old car. I don't wont to sound overly confident, because that can cause accidents too.

Another problem i have with drivers, they don't understand how the high way system works. What is the leftest most lane on the high way called? If you answer "Fast Lane" your wrong. It is called the passing lane. Since it called passing lane, it implies that it is only used for passing. So if your not passing get your ass out of it. I don't care if your doing a 105 mph in the passing lane, because i will be doing 110, and want to get around you.

Lastly is the speed limit bother me. 55 on a high way! Dam my peddle bike can go faster then that. What bothers me the most is how the speed limit is scaled it makes no seance. For example: Residential streets are 25mph; No problem with that since you need to be aware of kids playing, and it is not a way to travel. Then you have main streets and routes that are about 35. This OK, not too bad. If it is a multi lane it should be higher. Next are back roads, they are at 45 mph. This puzzles me since they are often narrow, single lane winedy roads. I would like to go faster but compared to a more safe means of travailing on route, it makes no seance. Now what blows my mind is high way speeds. These are multi lane, and designed to be driven at high speeds. They are often straight, but even in a corner you can do 100mph with out pulling a full G.
So why highways designed to move alot of traffic, fastly are limited to 55mph, yet you can do 45 on a back road? This is because the 1973 oil crises. where they caped speed limits to save gas. They figure out that 55mph is the most effecent speed, that maybe true at the time, but engines have dramatically improved over the 30 years. First the cars are more aerodynamic, and the engines are better tuned. A quick example of this, my 1999 Saab 9-5 has a 3.0 litter turbo charged engine that outputs 200 horse power. Today's Saab 9-5 only comes in a 2.3 litter turbo, and it outputs 260Hp. It makes more power in a small engine and consumes less gas, It is better all around. So lets change those speed limits to 75 or higher.

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