Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 on PS3

Over the past few years i been becoming a Linux fan, and even a bigger fan of the Linux community. The community is amazing since they spend hours programing to adapt, for no pay. My first encounter was the ipod Linux, a custom light weight Linux kernel able to run on the ipod. The use may seem limited, because the interface, but you will be surprised. There are allot of games and simple apps. My favorite of at the time was the Wikipedia, which was simple but large dump of the famous encyclopedia.

The open source of Linux allows any one to rebuild it, customize it and adapt it. I just duged up this article, on how to get Ubuntu (a full blown Linux distro) on the PS3. This will practically turns your PS3 into a roaring 3GHz multimedia system. What i like most, it justify the $500 price. Where can you get a complete 3.2GHz computer with a blue-ray drive, and hdmi ports to connect to your HDTV.

Here's how you get Ubuntu 7.10 to run on PlayStation 3

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