Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Picking classes

Picking Classes

My final class I wanted to take just went though. The first five were simple to pick since, I saw no real option. But the sixth I had to explore new ground even though I'm very certain on my education path. Right now I'm attending a two year school and want to graduate with honors, with my major being computer science, more pacifically programing. So i first picket the basics that are needed English and calculus. Then i picked 3 other class that were recommend to me, turns out to be every computer related class (beside learning basic MS office software). I wanted to take one more class, just to stay ahead of the game. Really i wanted to take advance java or advance C. (Hopefully to get into real programing, that actually useful in the real world) The problem is that i already new java from high school, and at this college that start with C to java then either advance C or advance java. This caused me to be out of synced for a semester.

The six class was more difficult, since i wanted to work to my major and industry, and there were non available to me, or i did not meet the requirements. Therefore i turn to another school. Many more classes were available to me, making the decision process harder. I went with a Database course, since it is available as an online class. Today every thing got finalized between the two schools.

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