Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The real reason why I blog

After rereading my first post, i conclude that was all too much poetic.
Of course i would love to get paid.

Besides that, i started blogging for two other reasons. First i was late into the online social movement. Its not that i was never online, but today kids online time is around Facebook and mySpace. I for one was more into forums for communication. So with people going off to school, and losing contact with friends, i caved in and got a Facebook account. I took it a step further and started to blog. Blogging allows me to express my self, share things that may interest others and lastly i hope this will make me a better writer.

That is more of an accurate reason why i blog.

Update from the writer:
+ Yesterday i spent quite some time online trying to learn JS; I gave up, very hard, and poorly supported docs.

+ I'm going to write it in PHP, in my opion a much better lang, but it is not client side

+ I pushed out this blog early, to clear up my day, so i can finsh some home work :(

+ Tomorrow blog is on the Tin Man a min series/ move on the Scifi

+ Open projects: Clean up blog template, Blog pinger in Java(Finished but not tested enough to be relased), Php code for openDNS and DNS-O-Matic ( more on this next weekend)

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