Thursday, December 06, 2007

RANT:: Silence I Say: SILENCE!

Not to pick on the same person again, but today was hilarious. Too bad i could not laugh out loud. Just would not be appropriate. I hope you can recall the older returning to school that chews like a cow student, if not read this:

So you already know she can be very loud but today was even better. In class we had to write a paper that is weighted heavily, about an article on the importance of silence. Right next to me i have the loudest chewer. Chewing is not the only thing she does, she readers her paper out loud. After every other sentence she writes, she goes "hmm that does not sound right" and scribbles something and starts reading the paper from the top, OUT LOUD.

Oh she scribbles with a pencil, not that pencils don't have there place for example math, but in a quite English class a dull pencil makes a lot of noise. Have you ever notice that?

So if that was not disturbing enough, it gets better. Class was coming to an end and people were handing their papers in. She leans over to me with a remark of " and this was about silence " Like the whole class besides her miss understood the article. But i don't think she understands that she was reading out loud when ever one else was quite. Ahhh that bother me so much. Who miss understood it now?

What bothers me more is her age, not that she an older adult returning to school, but naturally i have to show respect to her, since I'm a stand up guy. You know if she was one of my peers i would poke them and make some kind of sarcastic joke to let them know that they're reading out loud and it was bothering me. But that cant happen with her, she most likely take it the wrong way.

I'm happy to say there are only two more weeks of school left, so the noise is almost over.
On another note, the class that i just picked, ( and thought i was done with; Turns out i cant transfer funds between the two schools with that class, so tomorrow i have to go though the class list and come up with another. Fun , Fun.

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