Monday, January 14, 2008

Bad Day

Not today but yesterday, was not sush a great day.
It was a flying day, we left early before the winds bring in the winter storm. From my previous posts, if you been fallowing, rocketry took of in my family. Sunday was another big lunch day, shooting over hundred dollars on motors. It satrted off fine, we flew everything once, with out a major glitch. Well i take that back, we had a few but did not loose any rockets. The Aerotech Mirage took its second journey that day, but this time with a Aerotech G80. It lifted off fine, but the shoot did not deploy. The rocket became a 7 foot, 2 pound brick falling to earth. Luckily with quick thinking and even quicker feet we were able to catch it before it hit the ground. It was a close call, but luckily we recovered the rocket. It was all the first time we shoot the 1/4 scale Estes Pro Series Patriot on E-9. It was meant to run on 4 D12 in a cluster, but we swapped those, fast burning D12 for four Estes E9. Estes E9 burn twice as long as the D12, and has twise the total impulse. It was way worth it, so good we said we would never run it on D's again.

Morning went great, but tables will soon turn on us. It was going so good in the morning, in the afternoon we shoot a few small rockets in our back yard. I just finished cracking the CVS one time camera (More on this latter when i get a new one) and decided that the E9 went so good, and had enough power to shoot of with a little extra payload, A video camera strapped on it. That evenings we went out again to shoot of the Patriot, with the on board camera. It shoot off and hooked a hard right, right in to the woods. It was gone! The trusty old patriot was gone. Lost the rocket and lost the camera. That not it, we also got stuck in the mud! It was just a bad day.

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