Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dell basher No-more

I think in my previous days i might of came off as a dell basher. Lets be honest Dell took over the computer market. Back in the days computers for companies and schools came from computer technicians. They new and had to meet the demands of the company. They were specialist in there own nature. I remember helping out a computer tech to build 12 computers for a private school. Today that will never be the case. Company's like Dell took over the industry and have money to spend to make a dedicated compotes that simple and cheaply made. These components have much tighter requirements, that may sound good at first, but it prevents expandability. With the tighter specification and dedicated components, companies like dell can provide better support since they know what the hardware is capable of doing, it's limitations, and any flaws.

On the the other hand a computer technician would have to rip the computer a part, get the part numbers of each components, get the updated drivers and manuals of each component. After some problem solving, if it seems hardware base you will have to start trading out components to find the faulty or problematic component.

With a Dell computer it is much simpler, for two reasons. First with there priority hardware there is much less that can go wrong. Since it is almost always the case, they have fixed on-board audio and video. They do not have to worry about components conflicting with each other since they have been well tested. Secound Dell has very simple tracking system, Service Tag. The six character string, allows you to track to see what components are installed, the date of purchase, the status of the warenty. More importantly is a one place stop to get manuals and drivers.

No, you cant over clock dell, but surprisingly easy to work with. Back in my hay days, i recall working on an HP computer, and it was the pain in the ass. They have what i called a fix Bios, that would prevent upgrades with out sending it back to the manufacture. I think this was the start of my hatred to big OEM computer manufactures.

This is no longer is the case, After working with the couple Dells i found them to be very easy to trade in and out components. The PC case splits in half, with the ease. Allowing you to see every thing,neatly because they have well designing wire management. This helps to improve airflow, and allows more efficient cooling. It also reduces the needs of additional fans that help reduce noise. Besides having neat wires and a case that split opens, every thing is tool less. Little color code thumb tabs makes it easy to indentifi, how to remove the component. It is almost flawless inside.

Now that was a PC, something i was very familiar with. but what would a laptop be like?

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