Friday, January 18, 2008

Busy Week

You don't think this rant thing is working out?

Yes and No.

Little review. The reason why i came up with such a thing, is to keep this blog regular. And i have been posting regular, almost ever day.

Now that's not my excuse why there was not one yesterday. I have just been busy, plain and simple. I even have a few ideas for a rant, and have started one already. Reason why i could not complete it, is i had no INTERNET! Seriously, i been helping out a family member with their computer.  Did a clean wipe of the whole compute, according to Department of Security specs. Then i installed a little Ubuntu on it. The thing runs like a dream.

Another reason why i did not post my rant, something may come up today, that may change my outlook. There for i don't what to be hypocrite.

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