Friday, January 25, 2008

Rant :: Calliforinai Water Pump System

This is a small rant i have. It came about watching Modern Marvels on the history channel. They were talking about the Big Lift, a pump and pipe system in California to deliver water over the mountain rang, and down to the dry southern areas of California. What bothered me is how the guy answer the reason why this need to be done.  He  said that the northern parts of California gets to much water, while the southern part needs the water for the millions of people  living down there. What bothers me, that this would not be needed if was not so over populated in that area.

It is a very simple principle, if there is no water or food in the area don't live there.  Having a water supply where it is not attended, alters the environment and most likely hinders growth and normality. I would not be surprised in years to come with more water issues in the area.


ctskier said...

California is overpopulated, and many people move to AZ. Now AZ is becoming overpopulated, and we have the least amount of water in the U.S. They said someday phoenix and Tucson will be one big city. So once we become overpopulated, where do people move to?

The whole U.S. is overpopulated, and we have no choice but to move to these way around it.

Brian said...

Where do you move? I would not. I would say stop breeding. My look at it the land has only x amount of value of life it can hold. So if people began to live more off the land, the land would then limit the growth of the population.

Obviously there are several other factors, like modern medican. It is a long and tough debate in my mind. I recommend for all to read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, if your interested in why man is flawed

ctskier said...

stop breeding!lol

So be like China and limit the amount of kids we can have.

Brian said...

no no no
that would be bad

the main problem with how China, handled there over population, they only killed of one Sex. So if i remember right there is a whole bunch of males and not enough females. Which may lead to inbreeding.

I'm saying if there is not enough food or water in the area to live off of, don't ship it down there, that only encourage growth.