Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rant: smokers

I don't under stand why people still smoke, especially cigarettes. I just think it is stupid. I don't see any benefits, but that may be because i never smoked. It is not that cigarettes kill or shorten the smokers life span, but those who chose not to smoke and still have to deal with it. Cigars and pipes don't bother me as much, they still stink, but i think they still have some class.  Cigarettes used to have some class, and status symbol, but that was long ago and has died out. One the other hand cigars has more prestidge. Those who know cigars, become connoisseur, much like a fine wine connoisseur. That just not the case with cigarettes.

Also the littering cigarette smokers contribute too. They just flick them any where, with out a slightest hesitation. I was hit by one driving in my car, the other week. It did not leave a mark but gezz watch where you toss it next time, Or better yet jut don't smoke.

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Anonymous said...

smoking is just a senseless waste of cash, by pathetic people i always like to bully people who smkoke i feel like spraying deorderant at people who smoke see how they like it