Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Double Post Tuesday

I have feeling I'm going to make two post today. Actually I'm almost certain because right after this one is posted, i will start the other and post it latter tonight. These 2 posts are going to be short, and unrelated, the reason for two posts.

Last night i was looking at the stats for this blog, and was some what happy with the results. Getting several hits a day, from all kind of sources. The problem is that there are only 9 subscribe readers. And the sad part is about 3 of those are from me. So the 6 other people that have subscribed what would you like to see?

I think over the next few months the post may become shorter again, since i will most likely be posting between class. I also want to do more coding projects. Currently i have not programed in some time, and have afew projects need to be completed. I want to shy away from beginner tutorial, even though the code will not be complex. Reason being i don't think i have the qualifications to teach though this blog.

The good news is that Google is doing a great job indexing and caching this site. Google scans my site a few times each day, which is great for those who use Google to find my content. The traffic is great, but stats show they stay on less then 2 min and do not return.

please leave comments, e-mail, or even IM me with suggestion, comments or any thing thats on your mind.


ctskier said...

How about a post on the new macbook air that was just released.I like it , and it may be my next big investment...after my truck.

good blog btw, keep it coming

Brian said...

LOL the reason why you want mac news is because invested in NASDAQ:AAPL :p
I'm no financial expert, but as i right this there down $11.31 and at $177.47(6.33%), I would not expert such a drop. Like you mention they released a brand new ultra light laptop, and an update to the Mac Pro last week.

Last night i had a line up of Mac World news, but did not have the time to read it, So I'm a little behind. With that said expect mac world news and my opinion some time this week.

I was going to post the digg to the the leaked image of the new Mac laptop, last week, but every one thought it was fake.

Ctskier thanks for input and it will be addressed.