Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Microsoft @ CES

Well i had a pre written article i was going to releases today, but i guess it can wait. Reason being is CES 2008 (Consumer Electronic Show) is going down. Yesterday i started to watch Bill gates keynote, and i finished up this morning.  Yea its that long :P


You can go watch it, but it nothing great or exciting. Little  funny at times, but nothing great. I was disappointed in there was no major releases. Nothing new. They mention how windows help integrate every thing from the mobile world to the the living room to your computer.

One problem i see, they really pushing for the social movement. While they mention integration, in this key note they showed three interactive social network. Window Live spaces,  Microsoft games and Microsoft zune, all have social networking properties.

If you watched the Ford commercials you may have saw them advertise, voice active connectivity to the car, phone and radio. It is a cool and great concept. but nothing new.

Lastly there is the big ass table. Also known as Microsoft surface.

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