Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hard-Drive upgrade

So where have i been? Why have my post date been screwed? Well my laptop died on me! The hard drive crap ed out on me. I new it was bad, but was just unsure how much i could get out of it.

With that said I'm going to walk you though my experience working with this Dell Inspiron 5150.

  • Here is the the belly of the beast. All I'm going to need is my hands and a screw driver you see in the upper right corner.

  • Remove the battery and other external connectors before starting.

  • I removed two other covers, just to snoop around. The cover in the middle covers the memory. Also note right above the bar code, under the middle cover is a black lever that is used to release the CD-ROM drive. The bottom right is a cover for the the wi-fi.

  • In the upper right corner, two screws are used to hold down the hard drive tray.

  • The old drive is in the bag. The new drive is already installed in the hard drive tray by four screws. Also note there is an adapter on the IDE connector.

  • There it is, the new 60 GB drive. 60 GB may be small, but this not my main computer, and for sure beats the 30 GB drive that it replaced

Final Thoughts:
Over all I'm surprised how easy it is to work with Dell's. In this experience it open my mind to more possibility's, of even upgrading to wi-fi N.

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