Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Job, New Program

I got a new project that I started last night. It was inspired by myself, just to see if i still had it in me. I'm talking about programing, a new program.  I realy want to write about some of my source code, but this is not the project for this. Reason being i dont know where this program will lead me. Like i said it is for my self, but i may liceans, sell, or even give it away.  Therfore i dont want to leak out too much source code, if this becomes profitable. 

This program came to me in a dream. I know creepy. I was dreaming of writing code. The next day i started planing out the classes and program structure. I probably did not write more then 20 lines of code already, and I'm very prod how it looks already. The organization and structure seems very solid, and i can tell that already o have a great foundation to expand upon.

So what can i give away? Well right know the source code is in java. It most likely will stay that way too, since I'm going to have a graphic layer on top of my core program.  This limits me down to java since it is the only language i have work graphics with. Traditionally, graphics come last in the programing stages. In the mean time i build a command line tester class. But for this program i have already planed beyond the basic graphic steps. I have planned to even test my skills with jogl. Jogl, is java api wrapper class for openGl. This would allow me to do 3d graphics.

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ctskier said...

Normal people our age usually dream about sex, but no, Brian dreams about writing code.

well hey if it gets you going then more power to ya.